Monday, September 24, 2012

One Step Closer to Living the Dream

It began with a sketch (not to scale!!!)  We made some changes on site but this is basically what we built.  & when I say "we"  I mean Ernesto!!!
Hey Friends, it's been a while.  Thank you for following us on our odyssey out West.  As much as I love to get away, it seems like when we return it takes a bit to get back up to speed at home.  We returned to 110 plus degree temps so it was a huge effort just to keep things alive in the garden til the cool down.  About a month ago we decided to undertake the first of a couple of structures we are planning for the Wayback.  I give you Papi's Cantina;

Here is what we started with, our storage unit with a big blank spot beside it & adjacent to the pool.

Setting posts
Posts set

Site inspector

Roof going on


Corrogated metal roof & we clad the storage unit to match

A little bit of heaven!!!
We still have much to do but I can already tell Papi's Cantina is going to be one of our favorite hang-outs.  When we remodelled our kitchen a few years ago we saved our old cabinets & countertops.  Our good friend Alain @ La Baguette is redoing some cabinets there & passed on a countertop too.  So when that's all installed I'll post an update.